Exact Test Labs can assist you and your company in developing a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program.  We can do this for both regulated and non regulated employees.  Our full service approach includes policy development, lab and collection site services, random testing services, onsite and mobile testing needs, supervisor training and more. 

We have experience with the following:

  • Knowledge of the DOT drug and alcohol testing of safety sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroad, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries and multi-company consortiums in all transportation modes.

  • Knowledge of federal and state drug testing regulations and laws for drug free workplace programs.

  • Understanding of the pros and cons of each type of collection from urine, hair follicle, saliva, instant and breath alcohol testing.

  • Understanding of the various types of drugs and testing panels you may wish to screen.

  • Ability to develop a drug testing policy and detailed procedures for your company taking into consideration the regulations of Missouri.

Packaging Services:

Our team will work with you to put together a alcohol and drug testing package that meets your specific needs.  We understand that drug and alcohol testing is not a one-size fits all deal and that companies and industries have specific requirements.  We will provide a full service custom approach to your drug and alcohol testing program.  Services include:

Random Employee Drug Testing:

Provides random employee testing selections using an industry accepted computer generated random selection process.  There is no additional charge for this selection service other than the actual cost of the test.

Post Accident or Injury testing:

The testing of an employee who is involved in an on the job accident (vehicle or otherwise) which may have involved human error which causes a fatality, a serious injury, or significant property damage or liability to the company.

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