Coaching to heal and rebuild self esteem after cheating.

You came to Exact Test Labs because you saw warning signs in your relationship.  You may be accustomed to hearing excuses from your lover, and you use them as a cushion to comfort you when deep down you believe that things are wrong.  These irrational beliefs keep us in a comfort zone, so you continue to feel safe. 

Now its time to stop making excuses for this bad behavior and patterns.  You came to Exact Test Labs to find real evidence or proof to support your suspicion.  Whatever the results prove, you may need guidance to get through the situation. 

Wendy Casey, certified life coach, has years of experience coaching women and men regarding relationships, life, career, and parenting.  Her experience, education, and training enables her to bring the right support, techniques, and evidence based practice to enable change.  She is grateful to be able to help those who need help after a heartbreak or betrayal.

Certified life coach, Bernadette Brown, also has years of experience counseling people regarding business, life, and relationship issues.  Bernadette Brown is inspired by her own personal experiences and implements her experience and training into her work.  She is passionate and empathetic about people and loves to guide people to a better life.   Betrayal can be devastating.  The decision on what move to make after the fact should not be taken lightly.

YOU know what is best for you to move forward.  Here, at Exact Test Labs, our coaches are not judgmental.  Instead, we are supportive and empathetic.  We are here to help guide you to a solution and assist you to achieve the result that is best for you.

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