DOT Drug Testing

In order to remain DOT compliant by federal standards, businesses and other entities that fall under the safety sensitive umbrella must conduct proper drug and alcohol testing, including random testing, for cause testing, post accident testing, and more.  Our certified collectors are fully trained in proper federal DOT testing protocal, including the use of the EBT and all breath/breathalyzer testing procedures.

Our team takes the greatest care in regards to sample isolation and avoiding contamination so that you can be assured that the results of your test are accurate and reliable.  Most of all, we strive to make your federal DOT testing services as quick, comfortable, and cost efficient as possible.

Who is required to  undergo Federal DOT testing?

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

  • Federal Aviation Administration

  • Federal Transit Administration

  • Federal Railroad Administration

  • United States Coast Guard

  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Federal DOT drug and alcohol testing is required under a number of different circumstances, including after an accident involving one of your employees (post accident), when you have reason to suspect an employee is misusing drugs or alcohol (reasonable suspicion), or when an employee returns to work after failing a DOT drug or alcohol test (return to duty/follow-up tetsting).  Most employers must also conduct random federal DOT drug and alcohol testing as well.

Exact Test Labs provides comprehensive testing services to help you remail DOT-compliant in regards to federal regulations.  We conduct all types of tests to meet your exact needs, including federally compliant breathalyzer test, urinalysis, skin/sweat, finger and toenails, and hair tests.

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